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Rippit Driving Range
No more guessing what happened!

Rippit Driving Range - Concept Design

Hitting the driving range is great for golfers seeking to refine skills and also a lot of fun for novices or those looking for a 'hit and giggle'. The big problem with driving ranges though is that;

  1. They take up a lot of space and therefore tend to be located on the outskirts of a town or city - meaning they can be difficult to get to.

  2. Normally you can't book ahead so you drive out there in the hope you can find a spot, and

  3. If you're looking to practice, unless you're getting a lesson, it's difficult to understand why the ball took off like it did - both for good shots and bad!

The Rippit Driving Range is fitted with Launch Monitors to provide instant feedback on the ball flight and the characteristics of the swing. This helps the golfer better understand the mechanics of their swing and make adjustments to suit their game.

Finally a driving range for you, that actually helps you work on what you want to practice!

16 bays are planned with dedicated bays catering for both left and right handed golfers. The area is fully enclosed with golf netting and SkyTrak launch monitors on each bay provide feedback to the player on each shot.

A large shade sail will also enable the driving range to be all-weather with additional protective sheltering for the players planned at each end.

A side-on view of a driving range render

Instead of the traditional driving range where you buy a bucket of balls, the Rippit Driving Range will be set up to allow for time based use. Booking in your bay guarantees that your spot will be available when you want it. Also, you can hit as many balls as you want in the time that you have booked your bay for. 

A front-on view of a driving range render
A bird's eye view of a driving range render
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