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Rippit Golf was formed with two thoughts in mind. Provide a locally owned premier facility for golfers to hone their skills as well as introduce non-golfers to the sport from trusted professionals. For the non-golfer we provide a fun environment that everyone can participate in.

An image of John Schneider
John Schneider - 
Founder and custodian of Fluffy

Chipping extraordinaire and generally not a bad bloke for a ranga. John is regularly found off the reef at Bar Beach with a shark hanging off him when not in a bay searching for a miracle cure. Favours the dark beers.

An image of Aaron Spalding
Aaron Spalding - 
Founder and good lookin' rooster

Occasionally (falsely) accused of having a life outside of golf, Aaron is known to often miss 1ft putts and find the out of bounds markers from the middle of a course. Believes that Resches is the only beer on the planet worth drinking.


Rippit Golf is a strong believer in giving back to our community. We are proud to partner with Newcastle's own charity, Charlie's Gift, in supporting the frail aged in our community. Like Charlie's Gift, Rippit Golf believe that our frail aged deserve to live without fear of social isolation or hardship in our community. Look out for events supporting Charlie's Gift in your area and please give generously to this worthy cause.

The logo for the Charlie's Gift charity fund
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