Rippit Mini Golf
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Opening Boxing Day 8am!
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Rippit Mini Golf - Concept Design

Mini Golf is experiencing a renaissance and Rippit Mini Golf is delivering the best features from new builds around the world. The objective is to make the track a great experience whether you play golf or not and that all age groups can play.

As you will see on the picture below, we plan on having three separate hole locations on each green; an easy position, a moderate position and a difficult position. This means that Rippit Mini Golf not only caters for differing skill levels, even within the same group of players, but also allows for the course to be played several different ways without it feeling like the same game as played before.

Wilcher Mini Golf Model Photoshop.jpg

The blue section at the right of the picture is the location for the Outdoor Driving Range and the blue section in the left of the picture is the location for the foot squash courts.